Why I went missing?


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I was away from my work, or should I say from my business like one week before I went back blogging here in wordpress again.

It was ok for me at first that she has ill feelings for me. She was supposed to guide me in business and all but there was a little misunderstanding and that didn’t please her at all. She hated me for that and went to my apartment and did the “how could you?!” ,”wtf” and those stuff you say when you are angry and wanna make the other people feel miserable.

I wont tell you her name and the thing is she wont ever know I wrote this about her because she doesn’t like reading at all and I am not sharing links to my fb account. She can’t possible see this.

The only thing that I hate is that I wanted both of us to talk about the problem the next day that’s why I told her friend to tell her not to go and see me in my apartment yet but she still went early morning super angry. That was wishful thinking I guess that she will think first. She’s super compulsive and if you would ask me she is not the one who would take a moment to think first before she do something.

She went to my apartment eyes blazing with anger. Her fingers were pointing at me and she’s talking a hell lot of things she thought she knew. The bad thing about this was that she brought with her five of our officemates for whatever reasons,
I dont know maybe to witness shit.

I do not know what to do- all respect was gone. I expected more from her.

Now I think I will just continue my business and would still talk to her. I dont care if she ignores me or antything or give me weird looks. If you ask me, what she is doing now-hating me and ignoring and telling people not to talk to me? I think it is not nice. I wont do the same to her simply because I dont want to be like her.

Brand new day. 😀 She can hate all she wants, I wont be a part of her game. :))
I love myself and I love her. That is why I dont want to tolerate this silent war she is starting. 😀


How to wait for love?


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I am reading this book from Every Nation and I think with a short period of reading it it’s helping me do my chores better.

It says that your surroundings define or should I say reflect your spiritual stability. Well damn, mine is super not ok then. My friend once said Stop what you are doing if you do not like what you are doing I get it now that everything I do should be with perfection- or as near as that as I possible can.

As a woman I need to know things before I find my man. To me though I think I have him now but I can do an on the job training hahaha. It is never too late.

I like it that this helps me like the thing I hated before. Made me see simple things in a better and much larger perspective. I love it and after finishing it I think I could share more with.

As of now I have some cleaning to do.

Early Morning Kiss


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What is it about my fiancé and his early morning kisses? He gets an automatic smile from me with those. 🙂

His kisses comes with a hug and boy oh boy it sure feels comfortable like it’s the most comfortable place on Earth. Makes me feel warm and safe and loved. 🙂

I love you Schatzi

This is what he always tell me after seeing that my eyes are open.

Although we have language barrier that he is a German and I’m Filipina well doesn’t really matter when it comes to love. Actions speak louder than words and a kiss with a hug every morning says more than a million I love you or love letters.

I love him and he loves me.


This is a picture of me well he is shy and I can’t post his picture without telling him so it’s just me for now. 🙂

Carol Rossetti – WOMEN


Project Naked

This is one of the reasons I love facebook and can’t quite give it up because I come across amazing things like this from the various pages I follow. This is the amazing work by Carol Rossetti, so simple yet so powerful! I wanted to share on the blog because I felt it so fitting and something a lot of woman will relate to. Also the illustrations are just too KICK ASS not to share.












Posted with permission. Please go to http://https://www.behance.net/carolrossetti to see more of her amazing work!

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I am back for good.


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It has been a long time, scratch that- has been a very long time since I last posted something here. It was all my fault. I thought I was ok already before but then July is here and this is the month where I’m supposed to havw my baby in my arms already. Sadly all I have are sad memories of my beloved angel. My mikaelaciel.

Bad dreams and lonely nights almost every time this July- dreaming of my baby angel. It was a sad experience. Finally told my fiancé about what I am feeling.

Good news is that we will try again this December. I am excited and scared at the same time. I know it is not easy for him to have a baby at this time. The baby that we lost was not planned but was certainly loved and wanted. I am suer excited for this experience that we will have. Baby dust to me please.
I will surely make a website for my baby. Would be fun. He will have one since his first ultrasound.

I know have a reason for tomorrow and I am not saying that my fiancé is not enough. I am just being honest that I am depressed. I was do down. Now I need to get back and live my life and plan for the next six months that I have.

Hope you are all with me with this journey that I am going to take. Baby dust to me.

My First Jade Plant


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I bought a Jade plant this February and this is my second plant for 2014. I love this plant and I will show pictures tomorrow after giving it a trim and after getting few leaves and stems for another jade plant.

I love gardening and this year I will go back to my old hobbies and reconnect with them. The Dorset Finca really helped me out with this thing I want to achieve this year. At the end of this year this Christmas of 2014 I think I could give away some nice Jade Plants that I grow myself. A jade plant was showed in that certain post and it really pushed me to make many little jade plants myself. Pictures would be shown tomorrow and this will be the start of something new for me.

Someday I will grow plants and will make my living out of them, a business perhaps. Designing pots and helping people get the plants they need would be super nice. Indoor plants got my attention so I would get more of them this year and at the moment I do not  have that much space anyway. See you guys tomorrow!!!

Wish me luck and happy gardening!

Anime Lover



Anime. My mom really wonders why I love watching anime and I always reply that the reason is I like it period. When it comes down to it why do I like it from the first place anyway?

When I was a child, I talk like a child and dream like a child. I said I want to be a manga artist or a cartoonist. I do not know the difference or the scale of what I wanted before. I even wanted to get Fine Arts as my college course but I ended up with Business and Accounting. I would love to do what I want but them my parents wont let me. Then again, why am I so fascinated with Animes?

I love animes. My notebooks are full of drawings of animes and my best friend and I even made a fanfiction of the anime Beyblade. Also something must be wrong with me because all my crushes are animes and just to name a few there are Kurama the Fox, Hitsugaya of Bleach, and Ray Kon of Beyblade.


I love them. I super love them. I had many classics that I really liked and loved. I do not know. I didn’t go out when I was a kid and just study at home so that my mom could allow me to watch anime. I was living in my own world. I don’t cry usually with movies I think I have a heart of stone but when I watch anime series and movies they just make my eyes watery and then my heart soft. Most of them are all about friendships and how you should not leave your friends alone and many other lessons in life.

I could also say that I really like watching them because you get to feel what the characters feel and that the possibilities there are endless – like a brief escape from the really. I could relate in many things and I know that I could do what they did I mean in my own ways in the REAL WORLD of course.

When I started college I kind of stop drawing things. I think I got caught up with so much work I don’t have the time. I also got more responsibilities like keeping my grades up so that I wont lose my scholarship and things like departmental exams and preparing for work. I had my reasons and I know that I should have just continued drawing and pursuing my dreams despite of all the busy crap.

Now I got out of employment and I entered business. Although busy, I can do what I want because I have the time and now I will start doing what I love than just doing what I was told to do. I will go the less traveled road because definitely there is no traffic here and I could stop for a while and just go on later whenever I want. Like in anime, most of the main characters didn’t go with what they are told but with what they believed in. Do not be a victim of something or someone who wants you to live the life they are living just because everyone else is doing it like that. Trust yourself, entertain opinions but in the end decide for yourself.

Like in every anime that I have watched- It is only over when it’s over. Do not give up the fight for the only sure way to lose is when you give up.

Executive Diary 2014



I always have this diary of some sort or other people calls it a journal or something. I always buy it every year but then I think I never use them at all and they just all pile up and then my room will look like a library. It’s  just like how your New Year’s Resolution would go down the drain and would just fade away.

This year I am expecting super many business meetings so I think I will use this executive diary of 2014 to its fullest. I am being strict with schedules these past few days and I hope it will continue definitely.

I hate to go back to my not so carefree self but it is definitely needed this year. This is my year where I would make my mark. I would do my best. My executive diary sums up everything for me. I need to be on schedule and I needed it badly. It’s time to use one of those things I always buy but never really use.

Schedules need to be met and things need to be done.

I said I would talk about laundry but probably that would be on my other blog the Capture the Moment blog of mine.

Make it fun


Do you ever hate something you do everyday? Those things that you do that you hate but you need to do it like dishes and laundry? or cleaning certain part of the house?

Just to share something I for one hate the idea of washing dishes. Here in our country we do it manually or should I say with our hands-those dish washers aren’t that famous here. I hate doing the dishes ever since childhood but then now I have no choice but do it myself. One day I sat down and thought about something, this thing that I always hear from random people. They say deal with it and some times they will say “grow up.”

Now how to deal with it? Maybe you never noticed but there is really a reason why you hate doing a certain thing. Some times it is a very simple thing but then our mind is stuck with the simple thinking that is “we can’t do anything about it” and so “dealing with it” would just mean doing the certain chore just doing it and not making an excuse but then doing it unhappily. So back to my doing dishes part of thing so the thing is I really have my reasons why I hate doing it. First is that making my hands wet and wrinkly at the end doesn’t amaze me at all. Then they might be super dry and rough someday. I just realized my brain is getting bothered by that and thus making the chore not so nice to do. Note to you I am not an expert on anything I am just sharing what I was thinking and that is kind of my thing. Second thing is that I hate feeling the jelly food or the food textures some of their textures bother me. So now I decided to wear gloves.

Some of you might say that you did that and that it is normal in your country but here we don’t really wash dishes or even clothes with gloves. It is a tropical country so yeah we have a nice water temperature most of the time. So now I gave in and I am enjoying washing dishes. I like it when I see I am cleaning things. I also found out I hate doing chores because I feel like my hand will get a life long damage from all of the working and that it wont look pretty anymore so now I use gloves all the time when I am cleaning things. Vain I know. Anyway that is how I do it.


Probably not a nice post but I will get better soon. See you all tomorrow. I would share weird things to you again. And stay tuned. Tomorrow will be all about my weird scheduling thing and laundry. 🙂





Ghost Whisperer



I am currently watching ghost whisperer and almost every episode I am almost crying. Maybe there are some where I really cried.

This series made me think about those kind of thoughts that lingered with me for a long time too. It was with me when I was still a teenager. It is about the next life about the other world. We all know about things that we can do when we are alive but what happens when we should move to the next chapter of our life.

While thought crowded my mind about my past ordeals on myself I found myself feeling happy for Melinda the main character. She knows, she knows what they need to do. ( I am kind of saying if I would be in her place kind of thing ) She’s sure already and that there is a next chapter.

I was afraid, confused but then I realized that I shouldn’t be because like what happened before on my first college day on my first interview day and etc. You will know what to do when you are there. So just let it be for me then.

And there and then will I see my little one that I didn’t even get to hold?